Our Mission

• To provide clients with the best services by increasing the business competencies of subsidiary companies - developing networks between subsidiaries, prospective subsidiaries, business partners and related organizations, whilst supporting good business principles and corporate governance to enhance the competence and credibility of AL Nokhba group and its subsidiaries.

• We are committed to deliver High Quality Products and Services through our highly qualified and fully trained staff, with the continuous provision of our effective and efficient supply chain and our network of trustworthy Business Partners.

To be recognized and seen as an important contributor in the growth and development of the UAE. To establish market trends, whereby our group will be at the forefront of domestic and international financial spheres.

• To represent industry leaders, driving innovation and creating a positive impact across the industries and all sectors we serve.

Our Vision

Aims to become one of the most successful and diversified Holding Company in UAE and the preferred Business Partner for institutional investors, governments and multinational corporations.

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Why AL Nokhba Group: Has a promising future view, reflected in the efficiency of management and the strategic plans of the company which is characterized by the high quality and specifications of its businesses. In addition, the company enjoys significant financial ability and property, enabling it to achieve the set goals of which the satisfaction of a client is the most important in the company’s strategy. The company has economic diversity in the business administration field, including. Our Business Development, Finance, Legal, and Human Resources teams work in the best interest of maintaining high standards, best practices and efficient service levels in meeting the needs of our clients thereby enabling business scalability, efficiency and profitability.

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